Here are following two ways to make a fulll disk backup with Clonezilla / Drbl server.

– First one, the easiest, is to download a Clonezilla Live ISO, to put it on a usb drive, to boot on this usb drive then finally to follow instructions displayed on screen to full backup your disk
– Second one is to install a CloneZilla/Drbl server on your linux distrib :

. install Drbl server by following this installation procedure

. umount the disk you want to full backup (let’s suppose in the following steps that « /dev/sdd » is the disk you want to full backup)

. mount on /home/partimag another disk where your want to store your full disk backup

. run the following command :

/opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-sr -q2 -c -j2 -z1p -i 2000 -p true savedisk my-clonezilla-full-backup-disk-image.img sdd

=> as result a directory named ‘my-clonezilla-full-backup-disk-image.img’ is created on /home/partimag (this image is splitted in 2 Go files)

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